BrandOceanlk supplies a wide range of digital marketing services in Sri Lanka as well as globally by understanding goals, requirements and aspirations of clients. We create an extraordinary platform for our cliental, providing unique opportunities to upgrade and thrive in the world of trade and businesses. Our services include, Social Media Marketing and Advertising, Web Development, Search Engine Optimizing, Application Development etc. we are an enthusiastic, leading company with dedication to service and our prime intention is to make your business successful in the competitive marketing ambiance. We cater for small and mass scale industries or businesses to advance within all types of budgets according to your demand assuring effective results. Attracting clients towards your business is our major concern through our efficient online marketing strategies. Our untiring effort is to serve your interest in business at all times.


 To become the most unique and eminent digital marketing agency, endowing superlative solutions to the business community to soar into new dimensions.


Analyzing and determining effective, efficient measures to increase the quality of our services to the utmost satisfaction of our clients and win appreciation locally as well as globally in digital marketing.



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Our CSR Projects

We, as a humane team always show up to help people who are in need. Apart from business performances, we are enthusiastic to engage in charity events. People constantly face many difficulties from time to time due to natural disasters or other inconveniences. We being concerned about this fact, put our time and effort in the best way possible, on behalf of charity events. Since the beginning of our company we conducted charity events to help people as we can.

We supplied nutritional foodstuff for 100 families in Rikillagaskada, recognized with pregnant women who were in need. We successfully conducted our charity event and it was our pleasure to help them the best way we could.

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During Corona pandemic we conducted a project of distributing essentials to 200 families around the country; who had no proper income because of the long prevailed lockdown. We got other donators involved in our project as well. It was a project where we got together in unity to help our fellow people who were in need.


We conducted another charity event where we distributed food essentials to a number of farming families who got their crops ruined by Sena caterpillar plague. As they had no other income, we were thoughtful of helping them showing our gratitude about the incomparable service they offer us as farmers.