Social Media Marketing is one of the most renowned digital marketing methods where individuals can promote and conduct business performances through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and linkedIn. This efficiently and effectively brings incomparable opportunities to a business. Therefore nowadays this is considered as an extremely important part of running a successful business.

Once we look back at the history of social media.

Six Degrees introduced by Andrew Weinreich, is the first social media site launched in 1997. It enabled users to upload a profile picture and make friends with other users. The social media notion which was generated here prevailed long and has now become very popular around the world.
Later on many more highly sophisticated social media sites started emerging with much more developed features. Soon people got obsessed with social media massively whereas business masterminds recognized this as a great source to develop their businesses. Therefore proprietors started promoting their businesses through social media and thus social media marketing was introduced to the world of trade.

How social media helps the growth of a business

More than 3.5 billion people around the world are using social media for entertainment, communication and other purposes.
Once a business commences performing online, an audience instantly gathers around them out of curiosity and interest. The better your business performances are, the larger your audience become. Through posting catchy content that can entertain, inform and engage your audience, you can develop an impressive business attitude that can attract more and more users towards your business. This paves way to generate brand awareness, which can certainly develop your business effectively. Thus you can increase sales and acquire better business opportunities through social media marketing.
Providing better customer service is extremely important in the continuation of a successful business. Social media marketing allows business owners to maintain a better connection with customers by providing better and impressive customer service. Your satisfied customers spontaneously take part in taking your business higher.

Apart from that, social media marketing is a cost effective marketing strategy that brings a lot of profit into your business.
Through observing the other competitors in your field, you can maintain your standards and gain powerful knowledge to stand strong as a business. Thus social media also nurtures your intellect bringing you closer your business goals.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with above 2.5 billion monthly active users. This allows people to make new friends, share images, videos, music and articles. And people can leave comments, sharing their ideas and opinions. With a variety of useful features this social network has laid foundation for online business performances. Through suggestions, advertisements, online business campaigns and a lot more special features, facebook allows you to promote, make sales and attract more clients for your business. This is a less expensive and user friendly online marketing platform which will help you develop and promote your business within a short period of time.

Instagram is another renowned social network where people can communicate, comment on posts share pictures and short videos. This serves business purposes providing you the opportunity to create a business account giving you a better analysis about your account and its progress. You can attract industry relevant Instagram followers by using various methods such as hashtags. This allows you to make sales, attract customers and promote your business in a fairly decent way. This is a low cost online marketing method which simultaneously provides you better ideas and inspiration to improve your business.

This is a popular social network which is specified for professional networking and career development. This is used to find jobs, enhance professional reputations, build up business connections and share opinions regarding professional matters. You can communicate, share contents and make comments on the posts shared by other people. This the ideal social network to promote, build brand awareness and find the most qualified employees for your business. This provides you the best ideas, updated business knowledge and methods to improve your business.

This a social network where you can share short contents that are called tweets. You can create tweets, include links in your tweets and share the tweets of others quickly and efficiently. This has gained an immense popularity among students, politicians and the general public. This helps you publish your ideas, attract people with similar ideas, get the latest news updates and reach new audiences. Thus in such an ambiance, by using twitter adds, hashtags and by communicating with fans you can improve your business effectively.

YouTube is a popular video sharing network where you can upload and watch the videos uploaded by other users. This social network can educate, entertain and guide the viewers through refined video clips with great content. Through YouTube you can provide information to the viewers about your businesses, services and products. By promoting your business through YouTube advertisements you can capture a larger audience. You can also create a YouTube business account improving your business furthermore. YouTube provides you affordable business opportunities while attracting a large number of fans and clients.

These are mobile applications that are globally renowned for efficient communication. These networks have fascinating and user friendly features that attract billions of people to use these applications. You can contact clients through Viber and Whatsapp and you can also build up business communities to promote your businesses. By creating a Viber public account you can easily share your contents with people. Through these apps you can communicate with clients easily and properly, gaining better business opportunities.